Town Musicians of Bremen

Town Musicians of Bremen
Town Musicians of Bremen

The Town Musicians of Bremen (German: Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten) is a folktale recorded by the Brothers Grimm.

In the story a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster, all past their prime years in life and usefulness on their respective farms, were soon to be discarded or mistreated by their masters. One by one they leave their homes and set out together. They decide to go to Bremen, known for its freedom, to live without owners and become musicians there. “Something better than death we can find anywhere.”

The Town Musicians statue by Gerhard Marcks is included in our English Marketplace and Dom Tour. You can book your tour here on our website.

And you can tell your kids that in the video game “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”, the Bremen Mask is a reference to the Town Musicians of Bremen. And in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the Town Musicians of Bremen can be seen in the background of the “Historic Town Square” stage.


Stadtmusikanten | Town Musicians

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